Durham Region Cash Back Rebate

  • What Is A Home Buyer Rebate?

A home buyer rebate is just that.  Buy any house with my real estate team and receive 1% of the purchase price in cash on closing day. 

  • How Much Is The Home Buyer Rebate?  How Much Will I Get Back?

1% of the purchase price.  If the home is listed for $525,000 and we negotiate it down to $500,000 you will receive $5000 cash on the closing day.  If you're buying a home for $1 Million that's an extra $10,000 cash in your pocket! 

  • Who are we?

We are a team of licensed Durham Region Real Estate Agents with over 50 years combined negotiation experience.  Not only will you receive 1% of the purchase price on closing but we also represent your best interests and negotiate the best possible purchase price.  Let our experience benefit you!  We have represented hundreds of buyers in the purchase of their home.

  • How Much Does Our Service Cost?

Nothing!  Our service is absolutely free to all Home Buyers.  All real estate fees are always paid for by the Home Seller.

  • What Homes Qualify?

Any home listed on MLS® or www.realtor.ca (download the app)

  • Where Does The 1% Home Buyer Rebate Come From?

We take the 1% out of our commission and give it to you on your closing day.  Our Service is for intelligent buyers looking to get the best price.

  • But I Already Know A Realtor. 

That's alright, everybody knows a realtor.  But buying a home is one of the largest investments you will ever make and if you haven't already signed a buyers agency contract I urge you to contact us for a 2nd opinion.  We are full time professionals with decades of experience under our belts.  Not only will you get 1% of the purchase price upon closing, but we will use our knowledge to negotiate the best possible purchase price for you and your family.  You will not leave any money on the table!

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