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Durham Region Discount Realtor Will Net You More

Thursday Sep 24th, 2020

Low Commission Realtor Matt Phillips

Durham Region Discount Realtor Will Net You More If you plan to sell your Durham Region home in the near future, you should be aware there is an alternative to your traditional high priced realtor commissions. MATT PHILLIPS  | SEPTEMBER, 24 2020   Hi for those of you that don't know me, my name is Matt Phillips and I am a Low Commission Sales Representative with Century21 Real Estate.  I was born and raised in Durham Region... [read more]

How To Increase Curb appeal 101

Tuesday Sep 1st, 2020


How to increase curb appeal 101:   ? Go green: add some fresh greenery and flowers leading up to the entrance, and around windows for framing. Planters and window boxes may also be a cheaper alternative to look into!    ? Make your door pop: Although it may seem insignificant, a buyer scrolling through photos of similar properties is more likely to take a look at a home that has an intriguing entryway. Even a simple paint job is an easy DIY that takes little to no... [read more]

Record Setting Sale | Whitby Home Just Sold $110,000 OVER Asking!

Wednesday Aug 12th, 2020


   Record setting sale gets Whitby Sellers $110,000 Over asking!   My Low Commission And Full Service Selling System Saved These Sellers $15,424 In Commissions!  Over 10,000 Social Media Views Before The Offer Day! TO LIST OR BUY CONTACT : MATT PHILLIPS LOW COMMISSION REALTOR CENTURY21 REAL ESTATE 905.435.5800 MATT.PHILLIPS@CENTURY21.CA WWW.MATTPHILLIPSTEAM.COM   Follow On Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/realestatemattphillips/... [read more]

Additional Costs When Selling A Home.

Tuesday Jun 30th, 2020

Matt Phillips Low Commission Realtor

Additional costs when selling a home. Selling your home can be costly — but it doesn't have to be! Matt Phillips  JUNE 30, 2020 So you've lived in your home for several years and finally got it the way you want.  But something pops up in your life and now it's time to sell.  Over the years you've built a nice little nest egg of euqity and the improvements you've made over time have helped increase the... [read more]


Wednesday Apr 22nd, 2020


I just sold this đŸ townhouse đŸ’Ż VIRTUALLY! Covid19 hasn't stopped buyers and sellers from making moves but NOT everyone should be! For those of you that are, it is extremely important to be very cautious. I am doing everything possible to keep my clients safe! Here is how we did this deal:  ✅Viewings by virtual tour. ✅Offers submitted and accepted via email. ✅Electronic signatures are 100% valid! ✅Mortgage application completed virtually ✅Meetings... [read more]


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