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Clarington Discount Realtor Will Net You More

Tuesday Oct 19th, 2021

Low Commission Realtor Sign

Clarington Discount Realtor Will Net You More If you plan to sell your Clarington area home in the near future, you should be aware there is an alternative to your traditional high priced realtor commissions. MATT PHILLIPS  | OCTOBER, 19 2021   Hi for those of you that don't know me, my name is Matt Phillips and I am a Low Commission Sales Representative with Century21 Real Estate.  I was born and raised in... [read more]

Real Estate Commissions Explained | Durham Region

Tuesday Dec 15th, 2020

Real Estate Commission Agreement Explained

Wondering how real estate commission works in the Durham Region? Below, answers to Durham Region's home Sellers most frequently asked questions: Q: How do real estate agents get paid? Real Estate agents in Durham Region get paid a commission.  Typically the commission is a set percentage of the sold price.  If the home doesn't sell then it doesn't cost the seller anything.  Agents front the out of pocket marketing risks... [read more]


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